Vacation Day 2

2nd day of vacation, they woke us up early in the morning just to go Whale watching, but it didn’t go as planned because the boat we were going to ride won’t start so we decided to go whale watching tomorrow instead.

We were waiting for another boat and we went to a sand bar, it is called Manjuyod White Sand Bar. They say the place is like Maldives.

The water is not that deep in that place and there’s a lot of vendors on the boat.

We stayed there til afternoon.

It’s really nice there, the water is clear, the sand is white, you can see the fishes clearly.

The place was windy. It has a very nice scenery. A very good place to relax.

I lost the screw of my bracelet there and I’m not really used of not wearing my bracelet.

Even though my bracelet is not perfect or complete anymore, I still want it, I still need it so I’m gonna keep it even though I can’t use it.

I can’t wear my bracelet and I’m not used to it, but I need to move on.


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