Welcome to my Blog! Where it’s all about Life, Travels, Hardships and Fun Times.

“You read and write and sing and experience, thinking that one day these things will build the character you admire to live as. You love and lose and bleed best you can, to the extreme, hoping that one day the world will read you like the poem you want to be.”
― Charlotte Eriksson

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My name is Quennie “Quen”.

I’m a registered nurse, self-proclaimed writer, nature lover.

I love to read, write, cook, eat and travel.

I really wanted to enter a culinary school and become a chef, and I also wanted to become an Engineer, but I ended up becoming a nurse because I was forced to (it doesn’t really matter now).

They say I can give good advice, and hopefully I can help a lot of people by telling about my life.

I’ll be posting about random stuffs.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.